Wobbler Sprinkler

The wobbler sprinkler is a unique device that is designed to efficiently distribute water in a garden or lawn. It operates by spinning in a wobbling motion, which creates a gentle and even spray pattern. This allows for optimal coverage and prevents water wastage. With its adjustable spray distance and angle, the wobbler sprinkler can be easily customized to meet the specific watering needs of different areas. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for maintaining a healthy and vibrant outdoor space.

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1. Wobbler sprinkler


Senninger Wobbler technology ―rotation of grooved deflector coupled with wobbling action― provides the most uniform water application. Wobbler® sprinklers ... Read More

2. Wobbler Sprinkler - Amazon.com


4Pcs Wobbler Irrigation Sprinkler, Garden Wobbler Irrigation Misting Nozzle Watering Tool Lawn Sprinkler for Water Saving Grass Lawn Spray Head (1/2 inch). Read More

3. Wobbler | Farm | Sprinkler | Stand | Irrigation


Wobblers are great overhead sprinklers for both the field and inside hoop houses. Each 1/2" head comes with a grey nozzle. Read More

4. High Angle Xcel Wobbler Sprinkler for Sale | Big Sprinkler


The Wobbler is used extensively in many areas such as lawns, gardens, nurseries, vegetable crops, turf irrigation, and much more! It's unique off-center rotary- ... Read More

5. Xcel-Wobbler Sprinkler with nozzle | Dubois Agrinovation | Dubois ...


Senninger Xcel-Wobbler irrigation sprinklers employs a unique off-center rotary action that provides extremely uniform distribution pattern over a large ... Read More

6. Xcel Wobbler Sprinkler with Telescoping Tripod | Big Sprinkler


The Wobbler Tripod Sprinkler is used extensively in many areas such as lawns, gardens, nurseries, vegetable crops, turf irrigation, and much more! Its ... Read More




8. Senninger xcel-wobbler - Sprinklers


These mid and high angle solid set sprinklers use Senninger's off-center rotary-action (wobbler) technology to produce instantaneous uniform application ... Read More

9. Neversink Wobbler Sprinkler Head


Max Pressure is 85 psi though flow and spray diameter will cap at 2.8 gpm and 52 ft for each wobbler. Wobblers are great overhead sprinklers for both the field ... Read More

10. Xcel Wobbler FAQ - Grow Irrigation


Jan 31, 2020 ... How closely should I space Xcel-Wobbler sprinklers in my nursery? The Xcel Wobber should be spaced to allow the droplets from one sprinkler to ... Read More

11. Senninger Wobbler Buying Guide : Drip Depot DIY Irrigation Support


Nov 5, 2020 ... Wobblers operate between 10 - 30 PSI, depending on the specific model selected. It is important to note that wobblers are pressure sensitive and ... Read More

12. Wobbler Sprinkler - Irrigation Direct


Description. WOBBLER SPRINKLER c/w NOZZLE. • Made by Senninger. • ¾” or ½” BSPM Thread. • Low pressure. • Full circle off centre rotary action. Read More

13. XCEL Wobbler Sprinkler Head (Single) | Farmers Friend


The Xcel-Wobbler uses Senninger's off-center rotary action technology, It provides an extremely uniform and instantaneous application pattern over a large ... Read More

14. Wobble-Tee Sprinkler | Wobble-Tee Water Efficient Sprinklers


The Wobble-Tee Sprinkler applies water in a consistently large droplet form, minimising evaporation losses and wind drift, ensuring the water reaches your lawn ... Read More

15. Wobbler Sprinkler Head


10Pcs Sprinkler Head Wobble Tee Series Water Saving Grass Lawn Garden Wobbler ... Dreamhall 10Pcs Sprinkler Head Wobble Tee Series Water Saving Grass Lawn Garden ... Read More

16. Sled Sprinkler Stand - Growers Supply


3/4" FGH brass inlet and 1/2" x 1/2" F stainless steel outlet ensure long life and offer corrosion resistance. Team up with our Xcel Wobbler® Sprinkler Head ... Read More

17. Xcel-Wobbler sprinkler maximizes the area of coverage. Its unique ...

https://www.berryhilldrip.com/XCEL-Wobblers-by-Senninger.-Offers- uniformity-over-a-large-area-due-to-its-counter-balance-design.-Resists-wi...

Wobbler sprinklers distribute droplets with lower application intensity over a large area of coverage at low pressures. Related products. Read More

18. Senninger Xcel-Wobbler - 3/4", High Angle, #14 (7/32") | IrrigationKing

https://www.irrigationking.com/senninger-xcel-wobbler-3-4-high-angle-14-7 -32.html

This is my second year using the Senninger Xcel Wobbler sprinkler. Very impressed with this setup when I overhead water. Takes less water pressure and puts more ... Read More

19. Welcome to Grainfield Supply, your home for Dohickeys, Gadgets ...


Welcome to GRAINFIELD SUPPLY, your home for Dohickeys, Gadgets & Thingamajigs. Wegele 36 Walker Wobbler Sprinklers Dudrey Wire Roller Bag Lady Bag Roller. Read More

20. Wobbler Sprinklers – Irrigation Store Online


SOME WOBBLER PRODUCTS ARE IN SHORT SUPPLY. PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY. The Xcel-Wobbler uses Senninger's off-center rotary-action technology. Read More

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