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1. Fireweed Honey | Flying Bee Ranch

Jun 11, 2022 ... Oregon Fireweed Honey. Fireweed is a tall-growing mountain wildflower. The vibrant pink-purple flowers are a brilliant contrast to the greens ... Read More

2. Fireweed Honey - Asheville Bee Charmer

Fireweed Honey is the result of bees harvesting the nectar from the beautiful pink flowers of fireweed plants that grow across the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, ... Read More

3. Alaskan Fireweed Honey | Raw Unfiltered Honey From Alaska - The ...

Come get real Alaskan Fireweed Honey. Our fireweed honey is harvested directly from beehives where the bees are harvesting fireweed nectar. Read More

4. (Pre-Order) Primo Alaskan Fireweed Honey – Stoked Beekeeping Co.

The “champagne of honey”, Our Fireweed honey is lightly floral and delicate; it goes great in tea and as a featured garnish on sweet and savory delights. Read More

5. Fireweed Honey | The Snohomish Bee Company

Fireweed Honey is the “Champagne” of all honey's, hence why it is one of our most popular! At the Snohomish Bee Company, all of our Fireweed Honey is raw, ... Read More

6. Alaskan Fireweed Honey | Raw Unfiltered | Sipping Streams Tea

Called the “Champagne of Honey," fireweed honey is made from bees that are near acres of fireweed fields. This raw, unpasteurized honey brings a unique, light, ... Read More

7. Fireweed Honey – Alaska Wild Berry Products

Our honey is produced from the sweet nectar of the fireweed flower. Beekeepers set their hives in fields of these beautiful flowers. Fireweed honey is ... Read More

8. Fireweed Honey - considered the Champaigne of Honeys – Main ...

Fireweed honey is made from the nectar of the brilliant magenta fireweed flower that grows after wildfires in the rugged mountains of British Columbia. The ... Read More

9. Fireweed Honey – Kossian Farms

The definition of honey. Fireweed honey has a rich classic flavor, when you think of what good pure honey tastes, Fireweed Honey is what comes to mind. Read More

10. Fireweed Honey Lip Balm -Salve and Balm Collection - Denali ...

Our Fireweed Honey Lip Balm is a mixture of beeswax, nourishing oils, vitamin E, Alaska fireweed honey and six flavors of essential or flavor oils. Read More

11. Homesteader's Fireweed Honey Recipe -

Homesteader's Fireweed Honey. 2. Submitted by Tazer. "From Alaska's Outdoor Journal in "What's cookin in Marylin's kitchen" In the old days, Alaskan ... Read More

12. Fireweed Honey (Homesteader's Honey) – Homesteadish MT honey/

Aug 27, 2018 ... So, they would use fireweed and clover flowers to make a sugar syrup. And you know what?!?! IT…tastes just like honey. Its awesome. Now, I love ... Read More

13. Made In Washington Food Gifts | Mount Rainier Fireweed Honey

Bee favorite Fireweed is a plant that enjoys cool and moist climates and thrives in Pacific Northwest forestlands as a restorative plant after wildfires. Read More

14. Fireweed Honey -

Unfiltered Raw Honey by Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm – Pure Farm Raised Honey Packed with Powerful Anti-oxidants, Amino Acids, Enzymes, and Vitamins! (Creamed - ... Read More

15. Alaskan Fireweed Honey - Great Alaskan Bowl Company

Fireweed honey made locally here in Fairbanks by Sipping Streams. Comes in a 6 pack of single serve sticks, a 2 oz Honey Bear, or an 8 oz container. Read More

16. Fireweed: a lovely flower, a delicious honey | Brookfield Farm Bees ... /

Dec 9, 2017 ... An absolutely pure fireweed honey is hard to get. Beekeepers try to find “pure” stands of fireweed, but the plant is a wildflower and other wild ... Read More

17. What Is Fireweed Honey? | How It's Produced & Benefits

Fireweed honey is sourced from the fireweed plant (Chamaenerion angustifolium) – an invasive species that gets its name because it's often the first plant that ... Read More

18. Fireweed Honey for sale. Buy online at Zingerman's Mail Order ...

The flavor is like a sweet summer pear: light, luscious, mouthwatering. Kosher. Fireweed Honey. P-FIR 9 oz jar. Read More

19. NW Fireweed Honey (12oz) | Bee King's Honey

FIREWEED HONEY comes straight from the fireweed fields surrounding Mt. Rainier in Washington State. Its light, buttery flavor is known and loved around the ... Read More

20. Vancouver Island Fireweed Honey - Country Bee Honey Farm

Delicate Fireweed honey from Campbell River, BC. Like nothing you've experienced before. The taste is indescribable, a pure, smooth honey with a buttery ... Read More

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