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1. TQG meaning: Shakira and Karol G promote female empowerment …


Feb 24, 2023 The powerful track is very much about feeling self-confident after a tough breakup and both artists are clearly unapologetic about the song's … devamini oku

2. Karol G & Shakira, TQG: the English lyrics & the meaning – Auralcrave


Feb 24, 2023 TQG is a song about courageously moving on after a breakup. In the lyrics, Karol G and Shakira reflect on how every breakup leaves a void inside … devamini oku

3. TQG by Karol G (featuring Shakira) – Songfacts


"TQG" is an acronym for "Te Quedó Grande," a phrase used in the lyrics. The expression means "too big for you" in English and is typically used to describe when … devamini oku

4. The Meaning Behind Shakira & Karol G’s “TQG” Lyrics: Translation …


Feb 25, 2023 The title comes from the phrase te quedó grande, which essentially means “I'm out of your league” (more literally: “it was big on you” in terms … devamini oku

5. Shakira and Karol G’s ‘TQG’ English Lyrics Translation


Feb 24, 2023 The song's title is an acronym for “Te Quedó Grande” and roughly translates to “I'm too good for you.” The phrase was used in Shakira's previous … devamini oku

6. What Is the Meaning of Karol G and Shakira’s New Song “TQG”?


Feb 24, 2023 As for Shakira, "TQG" serves as the third instance where the singer has dissed Gerard on record. Karol G makes her feelings known about Anuel AA … devamini oku

7. Shakira and Karol G’s ‘TQG’ is breaking streaming records, but what …


Mar 21, 2023 What does 'TQG' mean and how did it come about? They are the initials of "Te Quedé Grande" which roughly translated would mean 'you were not … devamini oku

8. TQG – Wikipedia


"TQG" (acronym for "Te Quedó Grande") is a song by Colombian singer-songwriters Karol G and Shakira. The song was released on February 24, 2023, … devamini oku

9. What Shakira and Karol G’s ‘TQG’ Lyrics Say About Gerard Piqué …


Feb 24, 2023 Shakira collaborated with Karol G and released Spanish song “TQG” on Friday, February 24, which details Shakira feeling better off without … devamini oku

10. TQG | Definition of TQG by Que-quiere-decir.com


It is an abbreviation of “Te Quedó Grande”, which is a popular expression in the Spanish language. TQG is an abbreviation that is used to express the idea that … devamini oku

11. Karol G & Shakira’s ‘TQG’ Lyrics Translated to English – Billboard

https://www.billboard.com/…/karol-g-shakira-tqg-lyrics-translated-english- 1235260114/

Feb 24, 2023 The visual for “TQG” (acronyms for “Te Quedó Grande” roughly meaning “too much for you to handle”) explores the sinister nature of celebrity … devamini oku

12. Shakira sings about being ‘hurt’ after seeing ex with new girlfriend in …


Feb 24, 2023 Shakira is once again singing about her heartache and an ex who “hurt” her in her new collaboration with Karol G, “TQG.” devamini oku

13. Shakira and Karol G Combine Their Star Power on ‘TQG’ – Rolling …

https://www.rollingstone.com/…/shakira-and-karol-g-tqm-collaboration- 1234685759/

Feb 24, 2023 The song is off of Karol's upcoming album, Mañana Será Bonito, … “When I started it, it had a personal meaning to me that evolved over … devamini oku

14. Shakira and Karol G’s New Song “TQG” Is a No BS Anthem for the …


Feb 24, 2023 Shakira and Karol G have released their song, "TQG." Find out the meaning to the song and who it's about (and the tie to Shakira's ex Gerard … devamini oku

15. Shakira’s new song is full of attacks on Piqué: This is “TQG” – AS USA

https://en.as.com/…/shakiras-new-song-is-full-of-attacks-on-pique-this-is-tqg- v/

Mar 7, 2023 TQG” lyrics hint at Piqué and new girlfriend Clara Chia. The whole song is a reference to moving on from a breakup. Here are some of the lines … devamini oku

16. Karol G Says ‘TQG’ Isn’t Meant To Be a ‘Tiradera’ to Exes


Feb 27, 2023 Then again, we have lyrics like: “I would never get back with you, you're bad luck, Now blessings rain down on me” and “Tell your new baby that … devamini oku

17. TQG – Definition by AcronymFinder


What does TQG stand for? ; TQG, Tactical Quiet Generator (Army) ; TQG, The Quality Group (risk management company) ; TQG, Tiadaghton Quilt Guild (Pennsylvania). devamini oku

18. Shakira FINALLY reveals release date for song ‘TQG’ with Karol G …


Feb 22, 2023 The singers have made it clear "TQG" stands for "Te quedó Grande", which translates to "You were out of your depth." Karol G's collaboration … devamini oku