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1. Can you make a log sled in Sons of the Forest? – Dot Esports

Feb 28, 2023 However, as of the time of this article, there's currently no log sled available in Sons of the Forest. It's an interesting exclusion, to say … devamini oku

2. Sons Of The Forest Log Sled [How to Craft] – VeryAli Gaming

Mar 17, 2023 In Sons of the Forest, a log sled cannot be crafted to transport material. · Players can craft a sled that carries them down a hill or river. · To … devamini oku

3. Can you still craft a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest? – Answered

Mar 3, 2023 It's possible that this is a planned implementation for later on in Early Access, but as of right now, there is no way to build a log sled in … devamini oku

4. Is There A Log Sled In Sons Of The Forest? | GINX Esports TV

Mar 5, 2023 In short, no can't make a log sled in Sons of the Forest. But that doesn't mean the item won't be added in the future. devamini oku

5. How to get and use the Sled in Sons of the Forest | GamesRadar+

Mar 6, 2023 The Log Sled was an especially valuable device that effectively served as a portable inventory container, allowing you to move large amounts of … devamini oku

6. Log Sled – Official The Forest Wiki

The Log Sled can be used to store and transport logs, rocks, sticks, torsos and bodies. The Log Sled is immune to almost everything in the game: cannibals, … devamini oku

7. Can You Make a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest? – Answered – Prima …

Feb 27, 2023 As for its inclusion in Sons of the Forest, there is no Log Sled available as of writing. This could be the case for one of two reasons. The … devamini oku

8. Sons of the Forest patch 4 lets Kelvin dual wield, teases log sled …

3 days ago One feature that hasn't made the cut is the long-awaited Sons of the Forest log sled. This handy tool from the original game has been a … devamini oku

9. Bring back the log sled! :: Sons Of The Forest General Discussions

Feb 25, 2023 In the original Forest the log sled was one of if not the most usefull tool when building a base, it was absolutely necceseary beacause of … devamini oku

10. How to craft a Sled in Sons of the Forest: Sled locations & uses …

Feb 24, 2023 Sons of the Forest does not feature the Log Sled from The Forest, but there is an alternative to the craftable in the sequel. devamini oku

11. We need the log sled in the next update :: Sons Of The Forest ……/0/3792632416044094688/

Mar 10, 2023 Dear Endnight, we need a log sled inside the game because it is very time consuming getting logs two at a time. A log sled would be faster … devamini oku

12. Sons of the Forest- All you need to know about the log sled; Here’s ……/sons-of-the-forest-all-you-need-to- know-about-the-log-sled-heres-where-to-find-it-how-to-craft-it-and-more- …

Feb 28, 2023 The sled needs to be crafted in a cabin out of a 3D printer. The cabin can be found on the Western part of the map of the island, beside the … devamini oku

13. Log Sled? :: Sons Of The Forest General Discussions…/0/3820782448892875528/

Apr 6, 2023 The log sled is something you don't need an item for and could be built right away for early base building stuff, it's not like it doesn't have … devamini oku

14. Sons of the Forest: How To Get A Log Sled –

Feb 27, 2023 Important: Keep in mind that there is no log sled available as of now … devamini oku

15. Log Sled :: Sons Of The Forest General Discussions…/0/3782498683143968289/

Mar 4, 2023 I think a good solution for a log sled would be to add rope/sticks to the printable sled, then logs can be moved with that, as well as ride … devamini oku

16. Can you get a log sled in Sons of the Forest?

Feb 24, 2023 Unfortunately, the log sled in Sons of the Forest doesn't actually exist. Nothing in the game is actually definitively called the log sled. devamini oku

17. Sons of the Forest Developers Revealed Their Plans

Mar 4, 2023 One of the most exciting announcements is that the log sled from the original game, The Forest, will be making a return to Sons of the … devamini oku

18. How To Get The Log Sled In Sons Of The Forest

Feb 24, 2023 You cannot get a log sled in Sons of the Forest. While you could make it easily by using 21 log sticks in The Forest. This game doesn't seem to … devamini oku

19. How to Get Log Sled in Sons of the Forest

Feb 26, 2023 Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest does not feature the convenient Log Sled its preceding did. If you are looking to make carrying logs around … devamini oku

20. Log Sled? SOTF : r/TheForest

Log Sled? SOTF
by u/HonestVikk in TheForest

Feb 23, 2023 You have to 3d print a log sled? … Kevin is your log sled so far. … Sons Of The Forest – Patch 04 – Action cam, A.I. improvements, … devamini oku