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1. Wunderbar 24 Bars Cadbury Creamy Peanut Butter ... - Amazon.com


Customers like the taste and freshness of the candy bar. They mention it's delicious as advertised and that the outer layer of the bar is nice. Read More

2. Wunderbar Canadian Chocolate Bars | Cadbury Canada – Candy ...


Have a "wunderful" day with the Wunderbar. This Canadain Chocolate bar is truly an exercise in indulgence. You have to try this chocolate bar! Read More

3. Wunderbar Candy Bar - Amazon.com


Cadbury Fun Treats Chocolate, 90 Count - Wunderbar, Mr. · Cadbury Wunderbar Mini Chocolate Bars 10 Snack Size, 115g/4oz, 5-Pack · Cadbury 18 Full size Chocolate ... Read More

4. Wunderbar - Wikipedia


Wunderbar may refer to: General edit. Wunderbar, a German expression used in English which means "wonderful"; Wunderbar (chocolate bar), a chocolate bar ... Read More

5. Cadbury Wunderbar - Candy Blog


Apr 5, 2011 ... This one looked lovely and in good condition. Wunderbar is a great name for a candy bar, it works on a couple of levels. First, it's unique and ... Read More

6. Cadbury Wunderbar | Cadbury Canada | Candy Funhouse – Candy ...


It's some kind of wonderful with the Cadbury Wunderbar. This Canadian Chocolate Bar features milk chocolate and peanut butter showcasing their power couple ... Read More

7. Candy Review: Cadbury Wunderbar | Candy Addict


Dec 9, 2008 ... The peanut butter is smoother, richer and less salty than Reese’s, and it’s studded with larger chunks of peanut. The caramel is dense and ... Read More

8. Wunderbar – canadiansweets.com


Wunderbar. Log in to see your wholesale pricing. Categories: Top 25, Cadbury Canada Tags: Cadbury, candy, Caramel, Chewy Candy ... wunderbar”. Additional ... Read More

9. Wrapper Wednesday: Wunderbar – The British Candy Connoisseur


Dec 8, 2021 ... It's Wrapper Wednesday! And this one is for 'The Maple Tooth' - a fellow confectionery aficionado following a recent post on the Canadian ... Read More

10. Wunderbar Chocolate Bars - Buy 4 Pack | CanadianfoodtoUSA.com


Peanut Butter and gooey caramel covered with Cadbury milk chocolate. A Peanut caramel experience, Made in Canada. Shop at CanadianfoodtoUSA.com. Read More

11. Homemade Wunderbars - Celebration Generation


Dec 3, 2021 ... A Wunderbar - Also known as a Starbar in the UK - is a Cadbury candy bar that's very popular in Canada. It's been around since 1976. The center ... Read More

12. Cadbury Wunderbar | Exquisite Candy


Apr 22, 2010 ... Cadbury Wunderbar · The texture is varying a little, which is provided by the different ingredients: The bar consists of a milk chocolate layer ... Read More

13. Calories in Wunderbar Candy Bar from Cadbury


Feb 27, 2015 ... Calories and other nutrition information for Wunderbar Candy Bar from Cadbury. Read More

14. Fringe Candy: A Wunderbar by any other name… – Tales from the ...


Nov 18, 2012 ... Except, that is, when travelling abroad. In Germany, this blend of peanuty-caramel goodness is sold under the name Wunderbar. Ok. Great. Very ... Read More

15. Wunderbar Candy Bar 58 g – Snaxies


This marvelous candy bar features Cadbury milk chocolate filled with peanut butter, rice crisps, and delicious caramel. Weight: 58 g. Read More

16. 10 Chocolate Bars You'll Only Find in Canada-Candy District


One of the best renditions of peanut butter, caramel and chocolate in the world, and it's Canadian! Made by Cadbury Canada, the Wunderbar is a Canadian gem! Read More

17. Cadbury Wunderbar Candy 58 g | Powell's Supermarkets


Cadbury Wunderbar Candy 58 g. Unit: 58 g. SKU: 06120000349. Cadbury Wunderbar Candy 58 g. Price. Price. $1.29. Add to Cart. 0. Currently unrated. 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 ... Read More

18. Milk Chocolate Crispy Wunder Bar - Wilson Candy | Wilson Candy


A milk chocolate crispy Wunder Bar is one of our customer favorites! Sweet and crispy, this bar can be bought alone or as a fundraiser. Read More

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