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1. TOYO STEEL Co., Ltd.

“ARCHE” is a brand new toolbox brand by Toyo Steel that is specifically designed for desktop items. This brand is for those who love modern & playful design ... Read More

2. Toyo ST-350 Tool Box – MoMA Design Store

Toyo ST-350 Tool Box measures 8.5h x 13.75w x 6.3"d. Tools not included. ... If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return ... Read More

3. Toyo Tool Box -

toyo steel tool box T-152 BK (Black) 6.06x4.13x1.14inch Steel Trunk For Pen, Accessory, Stamps And Photo Made In Japan. Alloy Steel. Read More

4. TOYO Cantilever Toolbox ST-350 R (Red) | TOYO STEEL Co., Ltd.

Toyo Steel is a traditional tool box manufacturer established in Japan in 1969. All products purchased from us are delivered directly from our manufacturing ... Read More

5. Offiicial Distributor of Toyo Steel Co. - AMEICO

For decades now, Toyo Steel has produced high quality tool and utility boxes as well as other fine steel items for both home and professional use. Download ... Read More

6. Toyo Steel Toolboxes

Established in 1969, Toyo Steel was the first company in the world that successfully developed a deep drawing technology to make a seamless steel toolbox from a ... Read More

7. Toyo Small Tool Box – Case for Making

Toyo Steel has been making these simple and useful tool boxes since 1969 in Osaka, Japan. The Camber Top Toolbox is made from stainless steel with a powder ... Read More

8. Trusco and Toyo – Tinker and Fix

Toyo Steel are the factory that manufactures the tool boxes, and then they are sold under various brand names including Toyo, Trusco and Niwaki. All are the ... Read More

9. Toyo Steel Camber Top Toolbox | Boston General Store

Toyo Steel has been making these lightweight tool boxes since 1969 and earned the Japanese Good Design award for them. This small stackable toolbox is ... Read More

10. Toyo Steel - Camber Top Portable Tool Box – JINEN

Toyo Steel is a manufacturer that specializes in toolboxes. A single sheet of steel is pressed to create this sturdy toolbox. The handle and corners are rounded ... Read More

11. JTA - Australia's largest Authorised Toyo Steel Co. Dealer ...

Toyo Steel toolboxes have been made the same way in Osaka since 1969. Impeccably made with tight fitting lids, excellent paint and well-thought-out sizing, ... Read More

12. The Famous Toyo Tool Box – Changing What “Made In Japan ...

Toyo uses only one single material for most of its tool boxes – steel. Steel is easy to recycle, and more importantly, it is economical to recycle. It is less ... Read More

13. Discover Japanese Toolbox with Toyo Steel toyo-steel

Nov 3, 2020 ... Toyo Steel toolboxes are more than just containers for tools. They are stories, life stories of those who own them. Every box is crafted with ... Read More

14. Toyo Steel Cantilever Toolbox ST-350 (Silver) – Ugmonk

The ST-350 is the largest capacity Toyo Toolbox and really shines when you have a variety of small and large objects to keep everything organized. Read More

15. Toyo Tool Boxes | Leathercraft Toolbox | Buckleguy

Founded in 1969 Toyo is known for developing their boxes from single sheets of steel and have been awarded the "Good Design Award" and "Long Life Design Award". Read More

16. Mini Toyo Steel Toolbox – Le Manoir®

A Gelcare X Toyo Steel Co. collaboration. The ultimate storage box for your small manicure tools. This simple, durable and rugged, yet beautiful toolbox is ... Read More

17. Coral Pink Mini Tool Box by Toyo | Melanie Abrantes Designs

A Japanese-made tool box with minimalist, sleek style for every gadget in your home. We love this tiny tool box! Perfect for small tools and art supplies, ... Read More

18. Difference between Toyo and Trusco toolboxes? : r/Tools

Dec 9, 2021 ... Toyo makes both tool boxes but there is only one difference: opening and closure of the Trusco box is done in a single action where spreading ... Read More

19. Toyo Seel Tool Box ST-350-Sherman – The Pottery Studio

Toyo Toolbox Flat Top T-320 - Black-Sherman Oaks. Regular price: $35.00. Sale price: $35.00 Sale. Unit price: /per. Toyo Toolbox Flat Top T-320 - Blue- ... Read More

20. Toyo Tool Boxes - Camber Top | Tortoise General Store

Toyo Tool Boxes - Camber Top · Description: Colorful steel toolboxes to store tools, art supplies, toys, and anything else you can imagine. Used with only a ... Read More

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