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1. Museum | Shadows Over Loathing Wiki | Fandom

Hecate can be pet after feeding it one Sandwich Cream, note that the item will not be used after giving it to Hecate. Putnam house. The second house has two ... Read More

2. Sandwich Museum - Wiki of Loathing

Feb 8, 2023 ... The Sandwich Museum now stands where the Village of Sandwich once stood. It was home to a terrifying witch cult until all the inhabitants ... Read More

3. Shadows Over Loathing: 'A Witch in Time' Achievement Guide ...

Nov 14, 2022 ... You've probably noticed the cellar by Proctors house by now, and when in the past it asks for a 5 letter code. The code is Fulke. If you want to ... Read More

4. Key for house at Sandwich Museum :: Shadows Over Loathing ...

Nov 13, 2022 ... The code is F U L K E which I know now and want to see the narrator's reaction when I do it right off the bat. Last edited by Subtumaka; Nov 13, ... Read More

5. Sandwich Museum cellar : r/ShadowsOverLoathing

Nov 13, 2022 ... I've been trying for over an hour to try and figure out the code but it's stumping me. Does anyone know how to get the 5 letter code? Read More

6. Shadows Over Loathing - Unlocking Village of Sandwich ...

Nov 15, 2022 ... You may have noticed the cellar at Proctor's house. It asks for a 5-letter code in the past. The code is Fulke. You can find the code by going ... Read More

7. [Shadows over Loathing] Anyone know how to get the house key at ...

Nov 12, 2022 ... You have to have Rufus's place unlocked, you'll find him in the C.I.T steam tunnels. Near the back right of the room there is a metal detecting ... Read More

8. How to Save Sandwich! | Shadows Over Loathing A Witch In Time ...

Dec 2, 2022 ... This quest was quite convoluted, so I put together a guide video that should hopefully make the process a little easier. Read More

9. Shadows Over Loathing - YouTube

May 7, 2023 ... Shadows Over Loathing (Ep.8) - The Village of Sandwich. J.C.'s Channel ... Shadows Over Loathing (Ep.12) - The Museum of Skulls. J.C.'s Channel. Read More

10. Shadows Over Loathing - surprise sequel to West of Loathing | Page ...

I have found one definite 'hidden/unmarked' quest at Sandwich museum. V_K said: For another, there seems to be a lot more of explicit quests (dialog options ... Read More

11. Our First Patch · Shadows Over Loathing update for 13 November ...

Nov 13, 2022 ... Please help us out by posting bug reports in the Steam forums, and thanks for being great. Patch Notes. Wandering from the Sandwich Museum ... Read More

12. How To Complete The Hobo Camp In Shadows Over Loathing

Nov 26, 2022 ... You'll need to go to the past and alter the anti-hobo sign outside the Sandwich Museum. Do this by getting the proprietor of the Hardware ... Read More

13. Crystaldream Sidequests - Shadows Over Loathing Walkthrough ...

Jan 3, 2023 ... Unlocked as part of the main story. Faerie Lair. To unlock: wander after finishing business at the junkyard. Sandwich Trial Museum. To unlock ... Read More

14. Shadows Over Loathing (Video Game) - TV Tropes

... Sandwich village and saving the town; and Cleaning House, for driving out 23 ... museum as a living history village. Renovating the Player Headquarters: You ... Read More

15. Shadows Over Loathing - Guide to Cats and Their Boons .html

Ishmael is the cat in Durch's House on the bottom right. You need to complete the Urn quest you can get at St. Polycarp's Cathedral up until you replace the urn ... Read More

16. Category:West of Loathing Wiki - West of Loathing Wiki

West of Loathing Wiki. Category Page. Edit. top-level category. All items (15) ... S. Shadows Over Loathing. W. Category:Wiki maintenance · Wiki rules. Read More

17. Shadows Over Loathing - Where to Find Hobos, Codes, Booze and ... and-cats/

Nov 19, 2022 ... Do his quest to recruit him for the camp. Will tell you code once hes there. Creamy Steve. At the lake, at the sandwich museum in the past, ... Read More

18. Shadows Over Loathing: 'Sanitation Engineer' Achievement Guide ... achievement-guide-34338/

Nov 16, 2022 ... Sandwich Museum; Construction Site Bathroom (Crystaldream Dam in the past); The Junkyard. S.I.T Campus. The Secret Underground Restaurant, in ... Read More


... of the picture, sometimes only on the shadows. How very dark those shadows seem! Yet if we could embrace in our view the whole of the picture, perhaps the ... Read More

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