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1. Charango - Wikipedia

Ronroco (also ronrroco): a still larger relative, essentially a baritone or ... The octave lower tuning is better acoustically supported by the larger body of the ... Read More

2. SANTAOLALLA,GUSTAVO - Ronroco - Music

The simple "Coyita" waltz carries a heartbreakingly beautiful grace. This CD is at once a true indigenous recording and a very modern, minimalist work full of ... Read More

3. The Ronroco Review | Journal of Instrumental Exploration

Dec 31, 2015 ... The ronroco has 10 strings grouped into 5 courses of two strings each. It is tuned with a unique re-entrant tuning which is especially adaptive ... Read More

4. Where to buy a Ronroco : r/charango

Apr 2, 2023 ... Depends on the material. It could range from $300-$800+ That price range alone is good enough for decent quality. Anything else is just bells ... Read More

5. 03.15 – The Ronroco Acquisition Project: Purchasing a Custom ...

Feb 19, 2015 ... 03.15 – The Ronroco Acquisition Project: Purchasing a Custom Instrument · fig03-manyronrocos. Figure 3 – Many ronrocos for sale (Source – ... Read More

6. Ronroco for sale

Professional Ronroco made of Naranjillo Wood. Professional ronroco made of only one piece of wood for the arm and soundbox. Soundbox: Naranjill.. Read More

7. Making a Ronroco - MIMF

Nov 3, 2019 ... Making a Ronroco ... ... So I know some basics for the instrument (scale length, woods etc.) but if you can provide me with any more information ... Read More

8. Learning the Charango / Ronroco : r/Learnmusic

Mar 25, 2021 ... Learning the Charango / Ronroco. I am a complete beginner at playing musical instruments. I've not played any instrument before, and am not ... Read More

9. Special Charangos | Ronrocos | CharangoMall | Mobile

Awayo Carrying Bag for Ronroco. $28.50. Professional Ronroco - Naranjillo Wood. $713.50 $603.50, 15% OFF ... Read More

10. Ronroco Virtual Instrument | Free Kontakt Download

Download this free Ronroco virtual instrument. This sampler instrument for Kontakt 5 includes one shots and loops from the traditional stringed instrument. Read More

11. Different Tunings for the Ronroco | The Ronroco Journal

Dec 30, 2015 ... Don Bergland When I received my custom ronroco from Pablo Richter in Argentina, it was tuned to what has been called the "Argentinian ... Read More

12. The Instrument - Ronroco Tabs

The ronroco has ten strings arranged in five double courses, each course being played as a single string. 6 out of 10 strings are guitar strings and the ... Read More

13. Ronroco | Emotional Guitar - CINEMATIQUE INSTRUMENTS

The Ronroco is a stringed mandolin like instrument of the Andean regions. It has a sound box traditionally fashioned from the shell of an armadillo or tortoise, ... Read More

14. Pablo Richter Luthier de Ronroco y Charango (@richterluthier ...

1490 Followers, 194 Following, 58 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Pablo Richter Luthier de Ronroco y Charango (@richterluthier) Read More

15. How Gustavo Santaolalla and his ronroco took the film industry by ...

Oct 13, 2023 ... Digging into Argentina's past lit a fire under Santaolalla. His embrace of folk sounds would turn out to be his secret weapon, and Andean ... Read More

16. Ronroco suggestions ? | VI-CONTROL

Jul 4, 2017 ... Active Member ... This isn't a Ronrocco but 8dio do a Charango, same family and also used in TLoU. I ended up buying a Ronrocco as I love the ... Read More

17. Ronroco Pablo Richter for sale | Ukulele Underground Forum

Jul 21, 2016 ... Pablo Richter is famous for building some of Gustavo Santaolalla's instruments. I received this Ronroco in May 2016. This is a premium/custom ... Read More

18. The Ronroco - Kontakt Instrument - Loot Audio

It is more than a simple instrument, it is a Creative Workstation where you can compose and create original and realistic tunes and atmospheric landscapes. Read More

19. ORIGINS VOL. 9: RONROCO & BOUZOUKI - Ethnic String Plugin ...

ORIGINS VOL. 9: RONROCO & BOUZOUKI is a deeply sampled Kontakt instrument that transports the user to the vast and beautiful landscapes of Patagonia and the ... Read More

20. 10 Poems for Ronroco | David Kollar ft. Erik Truffaz | David Kollar

10 Poems for Ronroco by David Kollar ft. Erik Truffaz, released 31 August 2020 1. To Stand on the Shore Waiting For the Tide 2. Read More

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