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1. Railroad Spike Knife - Amazon.com


SZCO Supplies Twisted Railroad Spike Knife, HS-4408 Brown · Rite Edge Railroad Spike Knife Double Edge Dagger w/Leather Sheath - 11 1/8" Overall · WARRIORS ... Read More

2. Railroad Spike Knife - Etsy


Results 1 - 60 of 591 ... Railroad Spike Knife · Hand forged railroad spike knife · Wasteland Survivor Railroad Spike Knife - Hand Forged Steel Collectible ... Read More

3. Railroad Spike Knives | Groomsmen Gift Ideas | Northern Crescent ...


Our high quality railroad spike knives, stands & sheaths are handmade in North Carolina. They can be personalized with initials, dates or whatever you wish. Read More

4. Railroad Spike Knife - Beginners Place - Bladesmith's Forum Board


Nov 27, 2014 ... Do a Google Search for Super Quench. It works! Rob Gunter, the inventor of Super Quench told me to temper at 400 degrees, not to remove ... Read More

5. To all those smiths who told me railroad spikes were useless - Knife ...


Oct 19, 2016 ... It will be harder to work, and will need to be worked in a different temperature band to avoid either burning the steel at the high end or ... Read More

6. Railroad spike knives - Fire & Brimstone Forge


Flat Satin Finish. This “Artist Proof” Railroad spike knife is a hand forged from a high carbon railroad spike, doused in oil to increase strength and rigidity. Read More

7. Tempering a Railroad Spike - Heat Treating Knives, Blades etc - I ...


Jul 25, 2011 ... Hello: As someone who has made about 1,000 or so of these they can be hardened to a degree..well hard enough to take a decent edge and hold it ... Read More

8. Heat Treating Railroad Spike Knives | KnifeDogs.com Forums


Active Member ... I have always HTed HC spikes in Super Quench to get the most possible hardness out of them , then tempered at 300F twice to ... Read More

9. Railroad spike knife? | Bushcraft USA Forums


Mar 15, 2014 ... Another "high carbon" misconception involves railroad spikes. Nearly every bladesmith has made knives from railroad spikes. Railroad spikes are ... Read More

10. How to Make a Railroad Spike Knife? : 7 Steps (with Pictures ...


How to Make a Railroad Spike Knife? · Step 1: Heating the Railroad Spike · Step 2: Forming the Handle · Step 3: Rough Shaping the Blade · Step 4: Drawing Out ... Read More

11. Railroad Spike Knife — Brad The Blacksmith


Knife forged from a railroad spike. Well suited for cheese knife or letter opener. Read More

12. Andy Alm Custom Knives: Railroad Spike Knives


WELCOME · Andy Alm is a knife maker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, specializing in railroad spike knives. Read More

13. Is it possible to make a good railroad spike knife? | BladeForums.com

https://www.bladeforums.com/.../is-it-possible-to-make-a-good-railroad-spike -knife.1609298/

Sep 6, 2018 ... blade. Most any good smith can do them. The simplest is to weld a piece of blade stock onto a RR spike handle. That can be done by making the ... Read More

14. Forged railroad spike, knife hardening?? | Bushcraft USA Forums


Dec 12, 2010 ... Get the blade up to a good non magnetic heat then quench in veg oil warmed up to 120 degrees. also when I quench this way with a rr spike I do ... Read More

15. Forge welding railroad spike knives. : r/Blacksmith


Jun 23, 2017 ... Forge welding railroad spike knives. Has anyone here ever considered, or seen someone split a railroad spike and forge weld some high carbon ... Read More

16. Forging a Twisted Railroad Spike Knife - Brown County Forge


Jul 16, 2019 ... Step Two: Twist the Handle ... Twists look great, but I'll let you in on a secret: They are one of the easiest techniques to do. Due to the ... Read More

17. Drop Point Railroad Spike Knife | andyalmknives


Drop Point Railroad Spike Knife ... Drop point hunter forged from a high carbon steel railroad spike. The overall length is 8.5”. The blade length is 4”. Handmade ... Read More

18. How to Forge a Knife From an Old Railroad Spike (DIY) | Family ...


Oct 27, 2022 ... Bring Up the Heat. After the forge has come up to temperature, get the steel up to working temperature. Jason secured the railroad spike in a ... Read More

19. 3rd Railroad Spike Knife attempt : r/blacksmithing


Aug 9, 2023 ... I feel like hard work is paying off. In the forge every day practicing little techniques translates into a much improved railroad spike ... Read More

20. Railroad spike knife - Review of Iron Mountain Metal Craft, Pigeon ...

https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g55270-d8399586- r718866618-Iron_Mountain_Metal_Craft-Pigeon_Forge_Tennessee.html

Iron Mountain Metal Craft: Railroad spike knife - See 211 traveler reviews, 201 candid photos, and great deals for Pigeon Forge, TN, at Tripadvisor. Read More

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