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1. QUADZILLA ADRENALINE for the 24v REVIEW | Cummins Diesel ...


So i just purchased the quadzilla adrenaline with iquad for my 01 24valve H.O. I was concerned about something being wrong with my truck due to the lack of. Read More

2. Quadzilla Adrenaline Kit | Thoroughbred Diesel


This power is made through a combination of CAN Bus fueling, Direct VP44 fueling control, injection timing and boost control. The heart of the Adrenaline module ... Read More

3. Quadzilla Diesel Tuners and Parts | Power Driven Diesel


We carry a full line of Quadzilla tuners and accessories including Adrenaline, and more. Tune your Cummins diesel for performance and power. Shop now for low ... Read More

4. Quadzilla Adrenaline and Injector Performance ... - Diesel Auto Power


Product description. Looking for a little more out of your VP Truck? This Bundle is for you! Starting at $975.00 you can get a Quadzilla Adrenaline ... Read More

5. Quadzilla adrenaline pairing? - 2nd Generation Dodge Reliability ...


Jan 19, 2020 ... I just bought a quadzilla adrenaline for my 2001 dodge 24 valve. I got the WiFi for my iPhone. Everything is hooked up and plugged in ... Read More

6. Quadzilla Adrenaline no pump tap - Quadzilla Power ...


Apr 25, 2018 ... So I installed a quadzilla Adrenalin with V2 tuning on my truck about 2 months ago, and at first I put a scotch lock on the tap wire and I ... Read More

7. Does a quadzilla adrenaline boost fool??? - Diesel Bombers


Oct 19, 2009 ... 5.9L 24V Performance - Does a quadzilla adrenaline boost fool??? - does it fool like a comp or not?? Read More

8. iQuad by Quadzilla - Apps on Google Play


The iQuad app was designed to be used specifically with Quadzilla Adrenaline Performance Modules. iQuad gives you all of the features previously only ... Read More

9. Dodge 5.9L Cummins Quadzilla Power Adrenaline With IQuad

https://puredieselpower.com/.../dodge-5.9l-cummins-quadzilla-power- adrenaline-with-iquad.html

The Adrenaline is the most powerful and SAFEST module available. Using their exclusive Guardian de-fueling software, and the available processing power, ... Read More

10. Quadzilla Adrenaline w/ stock injectors??? - Dodge Diesel - Diesel ...

https://www.dieseltruckresource.com/.../quadzilla-adrenaline-w-stock- injectors-284094/

Jan 20, 2011 ... The Adrenaline will work just fine on a stock truck. Most people around here that I know are just running a chip/box with no other mods besides ... Read More

11. Quadzilla Adrenaline | Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum


Quadzilla Adrenaline · Matt at Gearhead · Doug at GoGo · Dave at Diesel Innovations · Ryan at Full Force Diesel · Eric at Innovative. Adam at First Coast Read More

12. iQuad by Quadzilla on the App Store


The iQuad app was designed to be used specifically with Quadzilla Adrenaline Performance Modules. iQuad gives you all of the features previously only ... Read More

13. Quadzilla Adrenaline Help!!!! Please


User Info Menu ... You need a editing program to change the parameters. But the V2 has some stuff in it. 0 Comment(s). Read More

14. Edge Juice or Quadzilla Adrenaline? | DodgeTalk Forum


Jan 24, 2009 ... Good idea. 01.5 2500 QC LWB 4x4 Cummins H.O., S.O. VP44, digital boost/egt, FP gauge on ... Read More

15. Quadzilla Adrenaline problems....again. | Turbo Diesel Register

https://www.turbodieselregister.com/.../quadzilla-adrenaline-problems-again. 237222/

Apparently something inside the main box shorted out and gave the signal to dump full fuel to the engine with no throttle input. Last time it ... Read More

16. Quadzilla Adrenaline OMG & WOW!


I have pushed it WOT up a steep hill, and have seen the EGT's spike during the initial romp to 890-1100 range. But thats when you are hitting almost 100MPH (in ... Read More

17. Quadzilla Adrenaline Performance Module With iQuad For Apple ...

https://www.gautoparts.com/.../quadzilla-adrenaline-performance-module- with-iquad-for-apple-devices-iquad1001.html

The Quadzilla IQUAD1001 Adrenaline With iQuad is the most powerful plug and play module out of the box for your 2001 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. Read More

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