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1. Novel Ex Vivo Human Osteochondral Explant Model of Knee and ...

Apr 28, 2018 ... Novel Ex Vivo Human Osteochondral Explant Model of Knee and Spine Osteoarthritis Enables Assessment of Inflammatory and Drug Treatment Responses. Read More

2. Recent Advances in Computational Mechanics of the Human Knee ...

Computational modeling can be a reliable and effective method for the study of mechanical behavior of the knee joint, if the model is constructed correctly. Read More

3. Effectiveness of a New Service Delivery Model for Management of ...

The PARTNER model improved knee pain and function more than usual GP care. The magnitude of improvement is unlikely to be clinically meaningful for pain but ... Read More

4. Material Models and Properties in the Finite Element Analysis of ...

Oct 27, 2014 ... Knee ligaments are elastic bands of soft tissue with a complex microstructure and biomechanics, which are critical to determine the ... Read More

5. Effectiveness of a new model of primary care management on knee ...

Apr 30, 2018 ... Effectiveness of a new model of primary care management on knee pain and function in patients with knee osteoarthritis: Protocol for THE PARTNER ... Read More

6. Expression of Piezo mRNA is unaffected in a rat model of knee ...

Apr 28, 2021 ... We measured Piezo mRNA in knee joints and dorsal root ganglia after establishing a model of knee osteoarthritis in rats using monosodium ... Read More

7. Oestrogen is important for maintenance of cartilage and ...

Oct 5, 2010 ... Oestrogen is important for maintenance of cartilage and subchondral bone in a murine model of knee osteoarthritis · Abstract. Introduction. Read More

8. A rat model of knee osteoarthritis suitable for electroacupuncture ...

Acupuncture is widely used for knee osteoarthritis (KOA) treatment in clinical practice. In the present study, we aimed to set a standard KOA animal model ... Read More

9. Rodent models of knee osteoarthritis for pain research - ScienceDirect

This review aims to discuss the current knowledge of rodent animal models of knee OA in the context of pain research, focusing on mice and rats. For reviews on ... Read More

10. A novel method to establish the rabbit model of knee osteoarthritis ...

Apr 3, 2021 ... Our data indicated intra-articular injection of SDF-1 (40μg/kg, three times for 12 weeks) can induce rabbit knee OA model successfully more ... Read More

11. General practitioners' perspectives on a proposed new model of ...

Sep 7, 2017 ... Effective management of people with knee osteoarthritis (OA) requires development of new models of care, and successful implementation ... Read More

12. Development and validation of a computational model of the knee ...

May 1, 2014 ... (a) Boundary and loading conditions on the FE knee joint model: tied contact pair between (1) cartilage–bone, (2) ligament–bone and (3) tibia– ... Read More

13. Optimising the current model of care for knee osteoarthritis with the ...

Considering the potential effect of guideline recommended non-surgical treatments in delaying total knee replacement and the insufficient implementation of ... Read More

14. Spinal Microglial Activation in a Murine Surgical Model of Knee ...

Sep 16, 2016 ... Surgically induced knee OA is also associated with mechanical allodynia, as has been described in the rat medial meniscal tear model [19], after ... Read More

15. Knee loading inhibits osteoclast lineage in a mouse model of ...

Apr 18, 2016 ... Surgery-induced mouse model of OA was used. Two weeks application of daily dynamic knee loading significantly reduced OARSI scores and CC/TAC ( ... Read More

16. A Chick Embryo in-Vitro Model of Knee Morphogenesis - PMC

To study the effects of motion on morphogenesis of the knee we developed an in-vitro chick embryo model in which knee flexion and extension can be controlled ... Read More

17. Stem cell strategy for repairing joint damage shows promise in pig ... promise-pig-model

Apr 28, 2022 ... A method to turn human stem cells into cartilage cells showed promise for repairing damaged joint tissue in a pig model of knee cartilage injury ... Read More

18. Uncapping the power of knee implant placement software | Texas ... placement-software.html

Jun 20, 2023 ... Aaron Henry, an interdisciplinary engineering Ph.D. student, partnered with Caira Surgical to validate the company's computational modeling ... Read More

19. Rodent models of knee osteoarthritis for pain research ...

Feb 6, 2022 ... Numerous animal models have been described for studying OA and some for the associated OA pain. This review aims to update on current models ... Read More

20. A comparison of four models of total knee-replacement prosth... : JBJS

The duocondylar model was best suited for knees with rheumatoid arthritis and mild deformity. The geometric prosthesis was the best condylar prosthesis for ... Read More

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