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1. What's a Self-Locking Hook, & How Does It Make Lifts Safer?


Apr 6, 2023 ... When you put a load on these hooks, they literally snap shut on their own, and that facilitates jobsite safety. Due to their design principles, ... Read More

2. Alloy Self Locking Hooks | Campbell


Chain Size. 1/2. 3/8. 5/8. 9/32. Grade. 100. Working Load Limit. 15000 lb. 22600 lb. 4300 lb. 8800 lb. For Wire Rope Size. Read More

3. Green Pin® Self Locking Hook E - Green Pin


The self-locking hook locks automatically as soon as it is brought under tension. To release the load the user must manually unlock the hook, which prevents ... Read More

4. X100® Grade 100 Swivel Self Locking Hook with Bronze Bushing ...


Approved for overhead lifting • Forged alloy steel • Quenched & tempered • Powder coated HI-VIZ safety orange • 100% proof tested at 2 times the working ... Read More

5. Green Pin® Self Locking Hook SE RT GR10 - Green Pin


The self-locking hook locks automatically as soon as it is brought under tension. To release the load the user must manually unlock the hook, which prevents ... Read More

6. Clevis self locking hook – KITO Weissenfels | Lifting Chains and ...


Clevis self locking hook. SKC Series. Manufactured according to: EN 1677-3 / ASTM A 952; 1 ... Read More

7. Clevis Self-Locking Hook - Miami Cordage


Gunnebo Grade 100 alloy clevis self-locking hooks have a grip latch and are rated for overhead lifting. The hook latch and bowl interlock for more stability ... Read More

8. Hooks - Gunnebo Industries


Foundry hook OKE GrabiQ · Grab hook GG GrabiQ · Grab hook GG with Locking Pin · Grab hook OG GrabiQ · Roundsling hook RH GrabiQ · Safety hook BK GrabiQ · Safety ... Read More

9. Loop Locking Hook Holder – Billy and Baa


Meet our Loop Locking Hook Holder, a simple tool with big results! When you're finished crocheting, attach the clasp to the loop of the live stitch to "lock" it ... Read More

10. BK Self-Locking Hook Safety Information | Lift-It® Manufacturing


The following information contains warnings and use information applicable to Gunnebo Lifting Alloy Steel BK Self-locking hooks. Warning. Protect yourself and ... Read More

11. Yoke 1/4" - 5/16" Grade 100 Eye Self-Locking Hook (X-025) (WLL ...

https://www.riggingwarehouse.com/350-x-025-07-yoke-1-4-5-16-grade-100 -eye-self-locking-hook-x-025-wll-5700-lbs.html

Yoke X-025 G-100 Eye Self-Locking Hooks automatically lock when a load is applies for additional safety.Quenched and Tempered Alloy SteelAt least 25% ... Read More

12. Bassoon Seat Strap - Leather With Locking Hook | Protec


Made of high grade leather, the Protec Bassoon Seat Strap features a non-slip backing, strong stitching, and hook with locking swivel ring. Read More

13. V10™ Swivel Self-Locking Hook With Bearing - Peerless


Check out this page for the Swivel Self-Locking Hook with Bearing. Discover the dimensions, standards, application, and more. Read More

14. Grade 80 Clevis Self Locking Hook


The latch on this hook automatically closes when pulling force is applied to the sling Designed to attach directly to a length of chain via the engineered ... Read More

15. Self-locking hook, safety hooks all sizes. Liftinggear-shop.co.uk


With a clevis, the hook can be mounted directly on the lifting chain. Locking hook with ball bearings. In our range of self-locking hooks, you will find hooks ... Read More

16. Super Swaged Winch Line w/Self-Locking Hook 7/16” x 50'

https://baprod.com/b-a-products-co-7-16-super-swaged-winch-line-w-self- locking-hook/

Experience what it is like to tow a vehicle using superior holding strength and durability with the 7/16" Super Swaged Winch Line with Self-Locking Hook. Read More

17. The benefits of self-locking hooks; increased safety at worksites


Aug 18, 2022 ... Self-locking hooks, or safety hooks, have changed the lifting industry, but their use is yet to become universal. Read More

18. 5-8 Trigger Kit Grade 80 Self-Locking Hook - YOKE Lifting


US Rigging offers this five component Grade 80 Trigger Kit made to comply with all of Yoke's self locking hooks. This item is ready to ship. Read More

19. G-100 Eye Self Locking Hook


Industrial Products Yoke Grade 100 Accessories — YOKE G-100 Eye Self Locking Hook Item No For Grade 100 Chain Working Load Limit Dimensions inch N W inch ... Read More

20. IR Locking Hook™ / Technical Specifications


Jul 3, 2018 ... IR Flexible Locking Hook - Single Wire 5.5" / 14cm (NFLOK5.5):. IR ... IR Locking Hook - American Pegboard / No Info Tag (7" / 18cm). NL7FB ... Read More

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