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1. Amazon.com: Hollenback Dental Wax Carver Instrument Amalgam ...


Amazon.com: Hollenback Dental Wax Carver Instrument Amalgam Plugger Set of 3 Ends 1/2, 3 and 3s : Industrial & Scientific. Read More



Hollenback carver is a double ended, round handledental instrument used for placing, carving and countouring amalgam. Price: ₹274 ₹219. CATEGORY: ENDODONTIC. Read More

3. Hollenback Carver Fig. 3 - Surtex Instruments.com


Specialty. Dental. Author Name. Hollenback. Sub-Category. Dental Carvers. Category. Knives, Needles & Picks. Handle Type. Round Hollow Handle. Read More

4. GDC Hollenback Carver No 3 #CVHL3S


Hollenback carver is a double-ended, round handle dental instrument used for placing, carving, and contouring amalgam. There are no reviews for this product ... Read More

5. Hollenback Carver H | Nazmed Dental Instruments Malaysia


Hollenback carvers have a flat profile and a spear-shaped blade that is sharp around the entire periphery. They are used for carving anatomy and trimming flat ... Read More

6. 3S Hollenback Carver - ProDentUSA


3S Hollenback Carver · Medium pointed blades similar to 1/2 Hollenback in design · Double-ended · Hand crafted from 440A Stainless Steel · Available in hollow, ... Read More

7. J&J Instruments Hollenback Carver #3S | Noble Dental Supplies ...


Discover the benefits of the J&J Dental HollenBack Carver. J & J Instruments is a leader in providing dental professionals with quality instruments. Read More

8. Henry Schein Hollenback Carvers


Henry Schein Double Ended Hollenback Carvers are available in 5 configurations. 9008024 – Hollenback Carver, 3S, Air Collection Handle. 1009582 – Hollenback ... Read More

9. Hollenback Carver


Product Overview. Hollenback Carver #3S(1/2) ; SKU: JJ-03-230 ; Qty: 1 ; Item: #3S(1/2) ; Availability: -. Read More

10. PDT 1/2 3 Hollenback Carver - American Dental Accessories, Inc.


The #1/2-3 Hollenback instrument's round tip is designed for contouring occlusal and inter-proximal dental composite and amalgam restorations. Read More

11. Carvers – Nordent Manufacturing


Carver, DE, Hollenback #3, DuraLite® ColorRings™ Handle. View Cart · Add to ... Carver, DE, Hollenback #3S, DuraLite Round Handle. 1 2 … 5 Next. Close product ... Read More

12. 2 Hollenback Carver - ProDentUSA


Used to place, carve and contour plastic dental materials such as amalgam during restorative procedures. Slightly smaller flat working ends than #1 Hollenback ... Read More

13. Hollenback Carver - Figure 3 - American Medicals


Our Fig 3 Hollenback Carvers are made of surgical grade German stainless steel. Visit americanmedicals.com or call (904) 636-9451 to order. Read More

14. 1 Hollenback Carver - ProDentUSA


1 Hollenback Carver · Flat working ends for carving and trimming excess materials · Double-ended · Hand crafted from 440A Stainless Steel · Available in hollow, ... Read More

15. Vivid LiteTouch Hollenback Carvers (Vivid by Pearson) | Pearson ...


Shop for Vivid LiteTouch Hollenback Carvers (Vivid by Pearson) at Pearson Dental website. Best prices. Highest Quality. Superior Customer Service. Read More

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