Giant Venus Fly Trap

The giant Venus flytrap, scientifically known as Dionaea muscipula 'B52', is a fascinating carnivorous plant native to the southeastern United States. With its distinctive size and striking appearance, it can grow up to 12 inches tall and features large, menacing traps that can reach up to 2 inches in length. These traps are lined with sensitive trigger hairs that, when touched by unsuspecting prey, snap shut in less than a second. Once trapped, the plant secretes digestive enzymes to break down the captured insect and absorb its nutrients. This incredible adaptation allows the giant Venus flytrap to thrive in nutrient-poor environments. It is truly a captivating plant that showcases the wonders of nature's ingenuity.

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1. King Henry Venus Flytrap "Giant Flytrap" - Carnivorous Plant

The King Henry Venus Flytrap carnivorous plant is a new Giant cultivar, selected from large parents, that develops traps 1.5" and larger. The traps are a ... Read More

2. : Large Sized B52 Giant Venus Flytrap (Fly Trap ...

The B52 is a giant Venus Flytrap clone. All B52s are genetically identical. B52s make about 1.75 inch size traps when full size. The ones here are not full size ... Read More

3. Giant Flytraps - Venus Fly Traps

"GJ Goliath" is a giant flytrap selection with shorter-than-normal teeth, good coloration on the trap interiors, and a nice, compact growth habit. It is known ... Read More

4. : B52 Giant Venus Flytrap - Fly Trap - (Dionaea ...

The B52 is a giant clone that makes traps 1.75 inches across when fully grown. It is one of the largest, if not the largest, giant Venus Flytrap clones. B52s ... Read More

5. Massive Squishable Venus Flytrap -

What happens when your Venus Flytrap traps too many flies? And also cupcakes? This! Don't worry, it's a happy, healthy carnivorous plant, and properly ... Read More

6. Dionaea Towering Giant Venus Flytrap

“FTS Towering Giant” is another spectacularly large flytrap! This fantastic cultivar is known for its tall petioles, as long as 7”, with large, arching traps! Read More

7. GIANT VENUS FLYTRAP Dionaea muscipula – Ferri Seeds

GIANT VENUS FLYTRAP Dionaea muscipula · Height: 5-6 inches, 13-15cm · Seeds per pack: 5 · Hardiness zones: 9-11 · Type: Tropical or houseplant · Germination: Use a ... Read More

8. 1x Large Adult Plant: Giant Venus Flytrap "B52" Dionaea Muscipula ...

1x Large Adult Plant: Giant Venus Flytrap “B52” Dionaea Muscipula Cultivar ... Venus Flytrap 'B52' is in a class of its own. Venus flytrap 'B52' grows massive, ... Read More

9. World's Largest Venus Flytrap: world record in Colorado Springs ...

Apr 17, 2023 ... Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States--Jeremiah Harris, 36, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, has one of the most extensive collections ... Read More

10. Giant Venus Flytrap Collection | South West Carnivorous Plants

Large contains: 3 Venus Flytraps potsize: 11 cm. 1 bag Venus Flytrap compost (2 lt/bag); 1 plastic terracotta bowl 27 cm. Read More

11. Venus Flytrap 'Dirk Ventham's Giant' a.k.a. 'G-14' - Nice upright ... Nice-upright-variety-with-LARGE-traps_p_3244.html

Venus Flytrap 'Dirk Ventham's Giant' a.k.a. 'G-14' - Nice upright variety ... It is characterized by its deep red trap color, and also produces nice large traps.. Read More

12. Low Giant' Venus Fly Trap | Venus Fly Catcher | Predatory Plants

Venus flytrap 'Low Giant' is an extremely vigorous clone with large traps. As this Venus fly catcher's name suggests, 'Low Giant' tends to grow close to the ... Read More

13. Venus Flytrap South West Giant | South West Carnivorous Plants

Along with 'B52' Dionaea, the Venus Flytrap 'South West Giant' rates as one on the largest of the Venus Fly Trap cultivars. The traps reach 5-6cm and and ... Read More

14. Massive Venus Fly Trap - Squishable – The Red Balloon Toy Store

What happens when your Venus Flytrap traps too many flies? This! Don't worry, it's a happy, healthy carnivorous plant, and properly proportional for ... Read More

15. Venus Flytrap Plants for sale in UK

Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) for sale grown in the UK. We grow various varieties like Venus Flytrap 'B52', Big Mouth, South West Giant. Read More

16. Venus Fly Trap - 'Southwest Giant' Cultivar – The Killer Plant Company

ONE OF THE LARGEST CULTIVARS: A monster of a Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula 'Southwest Giant' is a cultivar selectively bred for its large size. Read More

17. Giant Venus Flytrap | DC Universe Online Wiki | Fandom

Giant Venus Flytrap is an epic base item. Brainiac in Batcave: Brainiac Sub-Construct Weekly Award II Flashback Venus Fly Trap. Read More

18. Large Venus Fly Trap Dionaea Muscipula 12-p.asp

Large Mature plants in 12cm pots Venus Fly Traps will grow well on a sunny windowsill or in a frost free greenhouse. Avoid making the traps shut ... Read More

19. Giant Venus Fly Trap | Sword Art Online Wiki | Fandom

The Giant Venus Fly Trap creature is a carnivorous plant-type monster that can be found in the path towards the Hill of Memories on the 47th Floor. Read More

20. Giant Venus Fly Trap - Etsy

Results 1 - 33 of 33 ... Check out our giant venus fly trap selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our house plants shops. Read More

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