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1. How to dig through semi-molten rock? : r/dwarffortress


Jul 3, 2011 ... I followed this little how-to but I got stuck after my miner fell into the first SMR layer. My current situation: Z = floor hatch (open), ... Read More

2. DF2014:Semi-molten rock - Dwarf Fortress Wiki


Dec 20, 2022 ... Semi-molten rock (SMR), represented by the tile · , is an unique type of obstacle generally found at the bottommost edges of great magma ... Read More

3. Semi Molten Rock (need direction)


Dwarf Fortress >; DF Gameplay Questions (Moderators: Toady One, ThreeToe) >; Semi Molten Rock (need direction) · « previous next ». Pages: [1]. Read More

4. I have Semi-Molten Rock at +11... : r/dwarffortress


Jan 2, 2023 ... 195K subscribers in the dwarffortress community. Dwarf Fortress - Losing is fun! Read More

5. semi-molten rock, caverns and magma sea


Dwarf Fortress >; DF Gameplay Questions (Moderators: Toady One, ThreeToe) >; semi-molten rock, caverns and magma sea · « previous next ». Pages ... Read More

6. dwarf fortress - How can I rescue dorfs trapped in semi-molten rock ...


Mar 20, 2012 ... Forget about ramps; have them build an up stair and then down/up staira until they can get out. It takes the same number of raw stones to ... Read More

7. Semi molten Rock?


Dwarf Fortress >; DF Gameplay Questions (Moderators: Toady One, ThreeToe) >; Semi molten Rock? « previous next ». Pages: [1] 2 · Print. Author ... Read More

8. dwarf fortress - How do I dig below the magma seas? - Arqade


Aug 12, 2010 ... I know that there are adamantine veins but I can't access them because I'm surrounded by magma or semi molten rock on this level. Is there any ... Read More

9. Channeling through semi-molten rock?


Dwarf Fortress >; DF Dwarf Mode Discussion (Moderators: Toady One, ThreeToe) >; Channeling through semi-molten rock? « previous next ». Pages ... Read More

10. 0000100: Water does not cool semi-molten rock - Dwarf Fortress ...


Apr 1, 2010 ... Since water turns magma (molten rock) into obsidian, shouldn't water also solidify semi-molten rock that it contacts? Steps To Reproduce, Dig ... Read More

11. Dwarf Fortress Semi Molten Rock Digging Guide - FragMeta


Apr 11, 2023 ... In the deep depths of Dwarf Fortress, you'll come across a mysterious phenomenon known as semi molten rock. This unique substance is typically ... Read More

12. Dwarf Fortress – How to Dig Through Semi Molten Rock - Gamer ...

https://gamerjournalist.com/dwarf-fortress-how-to-dig-through-semi-molten- rock/

Jan 23, 2023 ... Semi molten rock in Dwarf Fortress is a unique obstacle found at the edges of the great magma seas, found deep underground. Your dwarves will ... Read More

13. Z-levels :: Dwarf Fortress General Discussions


Feb 25, 2023 ... ... I am at -20 and hit whats nearly all semi molten rock with everywhere I try to put stairs down being magma flow. Is this as far as I can go? Read More

14. What happens on starbound when you hit the core? | Chucklefish ...

https://community.playstarbound.com/.../what-happens-on-starbound-when- you-hit-the-core.16528/

Dust Giant Laser Beams. mm.. something like the semi molten rock layer from Dwarf fortress would be good, but without the path to HFS :) I ... Read More

15. Dwarf Fortress: The child punches the cave spider in the thorax ...


Anybody know what's up? You're running into semi-molten rock that borders the magma sea, which can't be mined out. The only way ... Read More

16. V0.31:Stonegears/Digging deeper | Dwarf Fortress Wiki | Fandom


Block off the hole like you did for the first cavern. ((Directions to dig down to semi-molten rock)) However, this time manually follow your miner down as s/he ... Read More

17. The semi-molten layer of the earth which starts at ~70-200 km depth ...

https://www.pinterest.com/.../the-semimolten-layer-of-the-earth-which-starts- at-70200-km-depth-and-ends-at-660-km-depth-the-asthenosphere-is-part-o...

Dwarf Fortress. The semi-molten layer of the earth which starts at ~70-200 km ... The asthenosphere is part of the mantle, and is composed primarily of the rock ... Read More

18. Amostitdun – Dwarf Fortress | Endgame Viable


Feb 6, 2019 ... I think I also found what might have been some magma hidden behind suspiciously “semi-molten rock” walls, but I never actually exposed it. Read More

19. Semi-molten rock — Dwarf Fortress Wiki


Jun 26, 2022 ... Semi-molten rock ... Полурасплавленная порода, обозначаемая тайлом · , обычно расположена на нижних слоях Магматического моря. Где бы ни ... Read More

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