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1. What are the benefits of putting your husband into chastity? - Quora

Yes you should do it. Living in chastity or orgasm control with the woman you love is bliss. You will be horny, and that will make you want to be her puppet. Read More

2. Denial Permanente — Since your husband is kept in permanent ...

Sep 19, 2021 ... Anonymous said: Since your husband is kept in permanent chastity, do you two do anything different/unique for Locktober or does the month ... Read More

3. How to reward my husband locked in chastity - Quora

Get him and you nude and Sit on his hypogastric region for 10 minutes with no touching private parts and body rule and make him ejaculate. He will feel good. Read More

4. A Chastity Husband Manifesto - Evolving Your Man

Nov 24, 2019 ... Chastity allows for balance and is a selfless act that a man should be willing to embrace if he truly loves his spouse and wants her to find ... Read More

5. Why do you put your husband into chastity? - Quora

To keep him from getting hard, unless you unlock him and let him free. Some husbands masturbate way too much so it's good to keep them locked up, ... Read More

6. How and Why I Keep My Husband in Chastity | Chastity Mansion

Lust Moments Member ... I started this so that I could spread the word that by enforcing chastity and orgasm control on our husbands we really can ... Read More

7. Girls do you think you should put chastity on men? - Sexuality

Once my husband consented to wearing the cage I made sure to reward him when his attitude improved. It can seem harsh to some people but now that... Read More

8. Husband into chastity : r/AITAH

Aug 27, 2023 ... Respect that he enjoys it but also ask for respect because it is impacting your intimacy as well. If you'd be interested in being the “key ... Read More

9. Dear Future Husband…

... Chastity. Promoting the Virtue of Chastity. Menu. join · GET answers. Submenu. DATING · Marriage & Family ... Dear Future Husband… My Beloved,. Why are you so sad ... Read More

10. Caged in Chastity: the complete trilogy: The trilogy of a husband's ...

Caged in Chastity: the complete trilogy: The trilogy of a husband's imposed chastity to his dominant wife! - Kindle edition by Dubois, Brooke. Read More

11. My Husband Wants To Wear A Chastity Cage On His Wiener, That's ... his-wiener-thats-totally-normal-right/

Jul 26, 2023 ... Teasing and Denial: Chastity cages are often employed in erotic play involving teasing and denial. The wearer may experience heightened arousal ... Read More

12. My husband's life of chastity. My husband discovered Chastity ...

Aug 12, 2019 ... My husband discovered Chastity devices about 10 years ago or about 5 years after becoming cuckold. I did not know what chastity devices were ... Read More

13. myboyinchastity's Blog | Chastity for My Husband

Aug 19, 2023 ... There will probably be many lovely ladies there, dressed in their finest, something that always attracts William's attention. But after being in ... Read More

14. SHE keeps HER husband locked in chastity! by GirlzRuleOwnFuture ... 837427810

Apr 11, 2020 ... They first took away their money, then their status, finally their manhood too. They can finally enjoy their love for each other without the ... Read More

15. My Husband Wants Me to Place Him in a Male Chastity Device ...

Sep 23, 2013 ... It turns out that there are any number of devices sold that can be fixed around the male genitalia and locked in place to prevent men from so ... Read More

16. Cuckold Husband Chastity Porn Videos |

Watch Cuckold Husband Chastity porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips ... Read More

17. Kelly Ripa Jokes About a Vow of Chastity with Husband - PureWow

Apr 8, 2023 ... While stopping by 'Watch What Happens Live!,' Kelly Ripa joked that she and Mark Consuelos will be taking a vow of chastity while working on ... Read More

18. So Your Husband Wants You to Lock His Penis in a Chastity Device ...

Feb 22, 2021 ... When your guy asks you to lock his penis in a chastity cage, he wants you to assume control of this aspect of himself and to take it away from ... Read More

19. male chastity -

Can Tim stand up for himself? A wife puts her husband in permanent chastity. A tale of male chastity. Dominant wife controls willing husband's orgasms. Read More

20. How do I make my husband wear a chastity device? - guyQ by AskMen chastity-device.html

<br /> Now keep in mind, there are limits to this. When she approaches the proverbial line, I let her know it and if she crosses it the cage stays off until she ... Read More

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