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1. Ayers Pear Tree - Stark Bro's


Ayers is an old Southern heirloom often referred to as the “sugar pear”, originating from a chance seedling in Kansas in 1880. These pears have high sugar ... Read More

2. Ayers Pear Trees for Sale at Arbor Day's Online Tree Nursery - Arbor ...


This tree produces a sweet yellow pear with a red blush. Its smooth, melting flesh is sure to delight. While the Ayers pear is self-pollinating, planting it ... Read More

3. Ayers Pear Tree For Sale Online | The Tree Center


The Ayers Pear Tree is without doubt the 'pear of the South', combining excellent fruit quality with a very short chilling requirement and high resistance ... Read More

4. Buy Bare Root Ayers Pear Trees - Pyrus communis | Chief River ...


The Ayers Pear will display clusters of fragrant, pink and white flowers in the spring. Yellow pears with a red blush fruit will begin to form, and ripen in mid ... Read More

5. Ayers Pear Tree | Fruit Trees | Ison's Nursery & Vineyard


The Ayers pear is a beautiful yellow pear with a red blush. Once you bite into this old southern favorite you will find a smooth, sweet and melting flesh. Ayers ... Read More

6. Ayers Pear Tree – Green Thumbs Garden


The Ayers Pear Tree (pyrus communis 'Ayers') is an old variety, particularly favored in the South as the "sugar" pear because the pulp tastes like candy. Read More

7. Ayers pear! - #39 by clarkinks - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit


Aug 14, 2021 ... After many years of growing this pear 25+ i find its been mislabeled (red bartlett was actually ayers) and under appreciated in so many ways ... Read More

8. Ayers Pear - Texas Pecan Nursery


Ayers Pear. Small to medium size fruit that is yellow with a red blush. Sweet flesh. Excellent for eating fresh. Good in warmer climates. Partially ... Read More

9. Ayers pear! - General Fruit Growing - Growing Fruit


Apr 1, 2020 ... After many years of growing this pear 25+ i find its been mislabeled (red bartlett was actually ayers) and under appreciated in so many ways ... Read More

10. Ayer's Pear - Blue Hill Wildlife Nursery- Fruit Tree For Poor Soil


Ayer's pear is grafted to a vigorous, standard-sized rootstock that will reach a mature height of 20′-30′. This will give you more fruit on the tree and take up ... Read More

11. Ayers Pear - Womack Nursery


One of the highest quality pears that can be grown in the South, blight resistant, flesh almost free of grit cells. Needs pollinator. Read More

12. Shop Ayers Pear Tree for Sale | Buy Pear Tree Online | Perfect Plants


Ayers pear tree size is up to 15-20 feet tall and 10-15 feet wide at maturity. Its small compact size makes it perfect for small spaces in the garden! The tree ... Read More

13. Ayers Sugar Pear | Peaceful Heritage Nursery


Ayers combines exceptional disease resistance and reliability with extra-heavy yields of sugary-sweet dessert pears. Pears mature early to a medium size with ... Read More

14. Ayers Pear tree question


I purchased an Ayers Pear tree today and know that it's best to have another for cross pollination. Can I purchase another Ayers or do I need a different ... Read More

15. Surprise in my Ayers pear | All Things Habitat - Lets talk.....


I was looking the trees over Saturday and spotted this guy chilling out in a pear tree, I have seen more tree frogs this year than I can remember. Read More

16. Ayers Sugar Pear Trees For Sale at Ty Ty Nursery


The Ayers Pear is a self pollination pear tree, however chances are that production will increase if provided with cross pollination. The Ayers (Sugar) pear ... Read More

17. Ayers and Moonglow Pear Harvesting


My Ayers pear tree grows great, needs two prunings in fact, but bears very little fruit. It's about 7 years in the ground. The Moonglow has done better. Read More

18. Ayer's European Pear — Raintree Nursery


Ayer's European Pear ... This old variety is favored in the South as the "sugar" pear because the pulp tastes like candy! Medium sized fruit is yellow with a ... Read More

19. Moonglow Pear Question | Deer Hunter Forum


I have the... opportunity to buy two Moonglow semi-dwarf pear trees for real cheap. They're both still potted and approximately 5' tall. I have several... Read More

20. 5 Gal. Ayers Pear Tree PEAAYE05G - The Home Depot


The Ayers Pear tree is an heirloom variety, known for its exceptional fruit and breathtaking display of colors throughout the seasons. Read More

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