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May 30, 2016 CORRECTION* Finished with my womanParanoid is the second studio album by the English rock band Black Sabbath. Released in September 1970, … devamini oku

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Paranoid Lyrics · [Intro] · Finished with my woman 'Cause she couldn't help me with my mind · People think I'm insane. Because I am frowning all the time · All day … devamini oku

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Dec 1, 2022 Listen to "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath and learn the lyrics as they go along! Black Sabbath YT: … devamini oku

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This song was written about bassist Geezer Butler, how he felt depressed, when he was a teenager, and thought that he was going insane. "Paranoid" was the first … devamini oku

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Feb 17, 2016 Black Sabbath filmed a music video for "Paranoid" in Belgium 1970Facebook: … devamini oku

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The feeling in the lyrics give the impression that the 'individual' is suffering from a chronic depressive illness. They don't indicate any signs of socio / … devamini oku

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"Paranoid" is a song by English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, released in 1970 off the band's second studio album Paranoid (1970). It is the first single … devamini oku

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Paranoid is the second studio album by English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, … Butler wrote the lyrics as the story of a man who time travels into the … devamini oku

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Poisoning their brainwashed minds, Oh, Lord yeah! … Why should they go out to fight? … Wait 'til their Judgement Day comes, Yeah! … Oh, Lord yeah! 2 … devamini oku

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Dec 6, 2022 This song is about—you guessed it—a man that is paranoid. In that spirit, the guitar and bass lines create a nervous energy while Osbourne … devamini oku

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Feb 16, 2017 Can you name the lyrics to 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath? Test your knowledge on this music quiz and compare your score to others. devamini oku

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Can you help me occupy my brain? Some lyric sites have these as the correct lyrics. (Suggest Different Misheard Lyrics). Black Sabbath's, … devamini oku

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Mar 20, 2023 1. War Pigs, 07:55, Show lyrics. (loading lyrics…) 2. Paranoid, 02:50 … devamini oku

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Listen to Paranoid – Alternative Lyrics on Spotify. Black Sabbath · Song · 1970. devamini oku

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Can you help me occupy my brain? Oh yeah. I need someone to show me the things in life that I can't find. I can't see the things that make true happiness, I … devamini oku

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Mar 14, 2023 Lyrics for Paranoid by Black Sabbath. Finished with my woman ′Cause she couldn't help me with my mind People think I′m insane Be… devamini oku

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May 7, 2019 The lyrics of Black Sabbath'sParanoid” capture the weight of depression felt by a typically paranoid person, just as the title suggests. devamini oku

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PARANOIDBlack Sabbath. Finished with my woman. 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind. People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time. devamini oku