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1. Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles map solution | VGC


Feb 11, 2023 Travel to the Forbidden Forrest Floo network location. You'll spawn in looking at a wooden bridge. Turn to the left and head to the stone bridge … devamini oku

2. Where To Find The Ghost of Our Love Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy


Feb 8, 2023 Much like the treasure map quests of other games, Hogwarts … Ghost Of Our Love Player Looking At Candle Bridge Near Forbidden Forest. devamini oku

3. Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles Treasure Map for Ghost of Our …


Feb 10, 2023 On this road, there is a bridge just past the path that leads to the right and into the forbidden forest. Before you step onto the bridge, cast … devamini oku

4. Ghost of Our Love: Floating Candles map answer in Hogwarts Legacy


Apr 14, 2023 One of the earlier treasure hunts that you can go on Hogwarts … to the forest's Floo Flame, and then turn around to find a stone bridge. devamini oku

5. Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vault – All Locations – VeryAli Gaming


Mar 28, 2023 North Ford Bog and the Forbidden Forest both feature 3 vaults. Hogsmeade Valley has 5 vaults whereas South Hogwarts has 8 vaults. North Hogwarts … devamini oku

6. Hogwarts Legacy Ghost Of Our Love Walkthrough: How To …


Feb 13, 2023 This side quest will trigger once you pick up a treasure map depicting floating candles, a bridge, and a forest. devamini oku

7. Hogwarts Legacy: Map with floating candles treasure solution


Feb 11, 2023 In Hogwarts Legacy, treasure maps can be found all over the Wizarding … such as the stone bridge, wooden archway, forest, some ruins, … devamini oku

8. How to Unlock All Treasure Vault Puzzles | Hogwarts Legacy|Game8


Mar 2, 2023 Forbidden Forest Treasure Vault 1 Map Location Enlarge … Location: Near a Merlin Trial northeast of Hogwarts Castle. devamini oku

9. All treasure maps and locations in Hogwarts Legacy – Xfire


Mar 3, 2023 Hogwarts Legacy has several treasure maps that lead to valuable in-game … The Cache in the Castle is a side quest that you can start by … devamini oku

10. Map with Floating Candles treasure location in Hogwarts Legacy …


Feb 11, 2023 Go to the stone bridge between the Forbidden Forest and Hogwarts Castle to find a love letter resting on the end cap on the side nearest the … devamini oku

11. Hogwarts Legacy Map guide: All regions, towns, locations & more …

https://www.dexerto.com/hogwarts…/hogwarts-legacy-map-guide-all-regions- towns-locations-more-2052837/

Feb 17, 2023 As the name would imply, the North Hogwarts region is just north of Hogwarts castle. It contains three Floo Flames in total and one Treasure … devamini oku

12. Ghost of Our Love – Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Guide – IGN


Feb 15, 2023 In this guide, we'll outline where to find the Map with Floating Candles to … to help you reach the location drawn on the treasure map. devamini oku

13. Hogwarts Legacy: ‘Ghost of Our Love’ side quest walkthrough …

https://www.polygon.com/…/ghost-our-love-side-quest-walkthrough-floating -candles-location-map

Feb 10, 2023 Hogwarts Legacy's "Ghost of Our Love" side quest can be tricky. … The map has a picture of a bridge with some floating candles beside it … devamini oku

14. South Hogwarts Region – Quests, Collectibles, and Secrets …

https://www.ign.com/…/hogwarts…/South_Hogwarts_Region_-_Quests,_ Collectibles,_and_Secrets

Feb 10, 2023 Located South of Hogwarts Castle's south bridge entrance on a high ridge over a stretch of forest leading down to South Hogsfield. SouthHog 2-1. devamini oku

15. How to Find Ghost of Our Love Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy


Feb 10, 2023 The map will show a bridge leading to floating candles between the Forbidden Forest and Hogwarts. Although to complete the quest, … devamini oku

16. Hogwarts Legacy: Forbidden Forest Treasure Vaults And How To …

https://gamerant.com/hogwarts-legacy-open-forbidden-forest-treasure-vaults- guide/

Mar 8, 2023 Among the numerous Regions, Forbidden Forest has the easiest Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy. devamini oku

17. Treasure Vaults | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki


Mar 15, 2023 Treasure Vault found just southeast of Poidsear Castle. Location: Map Link. Treasure Vault – West Marunweem Bridge. Treasure Vault found west of … devamini oku

18. Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve The Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Puzzle

https://gamerant.com/hogwarts-legacy-viaduct-courtyard-bridge-puzzle- guide/

Feb 10, 2023 The Castle grounds and its surroundings are filled with all kinds of secrets and puzzles to solve. The puzzles differ depending on their … devamini oku

19. Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of our Love Walkthrough


Feb 8, 2023 Use the Map with Floating Candles to find the treasure … Fast travel to Forbidden Forrest. … :rs: to get into Night-Time. Now go to the Bridge … devamini oku

20. Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love location | How to follow the map …

https://www.radiotimes.com/technology/…/hogwarts-legacy-ghost-of-our- love/

Feb 16, 2023 Something about using the light spell Lumos across a bridge nearby the Forbidden Forest. It's got something to do with floating candles, too. As … devamini oku