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1. 40d:How do I increase the value of a room – Dwarf Fortress Wiki


Feb 21, 2013 Any Furniture (such as statues, chests, cabinets or anything listed below) will increase room value. If made out of a material that the dwarf … devamini oku

2. Some facts about room value : r/dwarffortress

Some facts about room value
by u/brucemo in dwarffortress

A solid copper room (walls and 3×3 floor), with 50 dwarfbuck bed, is "quarters", which is 250-499. So the value of the basic room is somewhere between 200-449 ( … devamini oku

3. DF2014:How do I increase the value of a room – Dwarf Fortress Wiki


Dec 20, 2022 Increase the size of the room – doubling the amount of floorspace nearly doubles the base value of the room (before furniture is added in). devamini oku

4. You should know: Windows (b-n-Y or b-n-y) are a good but easy …

You should know: Windows (b-n-Y or b-n-y) are a good but easy way to increase room value, especially MULTIPLE rooms at once
by u/BigPawh in dwarffortress

r/dwarffortress icon Go to dwarffortress · r/dwarffortress • 4 mo. ago … But here's the TLDR: Windows can raise room value without any cost of floor space … devamini oku

5. V0.31:Stonegears/Nobles | Dwarf Fortress Wiki | Fandom


You can meet the need for certain quality levels by increasing the value of the room in question. You can increase the room's value by placing valuable … devamini oku

6. Room value not increasing :: Dwarf Fortress General Discussions


Feb 7, 2023 I have two artifacts in the same room. One valued 1000 and the other 2000. The room value remains 2000 even with engraved floors and walls. devamini oku

7. Room Value?


News: April 4, 2023: The April '23 Report is up. News: February 7, 2023: Dwarf Fortress 50.06 has been released. News: February … devamini oku

8. Room Value keeps decreasing :: Dwarf Fortress General Discussions


Dec 15, 2022 Did you replace your Broker? Room value depends on your Broker's appraisal skill. If it's too low, there's caps on room and items value if your … devamini oku

9. 0010790: Object on pedestals and in display cases don’t enhance …


Jun 12, 2018 0010790, Dwarf Fortress, Dwarf Mode — Roomsbedroom/dinner-room remained "Decent" even with almost a million-worth-artifacts displayed. devamini oku

10. How to increase value of guild hall? :: Dwarf Fortress General …


Dec 16, 2022 Yeah, if the rooms are big then smooth/engrave should get you most of the way there. Masterwork statues of valuable materials are also a good … devamini oku

11. Dwarf Fortress Legendary Dining Hall – Arqade


Jul 14, 2010 Room value is determined by the quality of the floors and walls of the room, and any items in it. You can increase a room's value by … devamini oku

12. Temple quality is ? out of 2000, won’t increase with furniture. :: Dwarf …


Dec 27, 2022 I need a broker to determine the value of religious stuff…? "Welcome to Dwarf Fortress", then? #2. Wunderland82. devamini oku

13. Locations and room value

May 23, 2020 News: February 7, 2023: Dwarf Fortress 50.06 has been released. … Author Topic: Locations and room value (Read 1679 times) … devamini oku

14. How to make the perfect dwarf bedroom in Dwarf Fortress – Pro …

https://progameguides.com/dwarf-fortress/how-to-make-the-perfect-dwarf- bedroom-in-dwarf-fortress/

Dec 6, 2022 The easiest is to either smooth the walls, or build walls and floors out of proper materials. The higher the value of the material, the more the … devamini oku

15. Dwarf Fortress – Things I Wish I Knew Sooner


Jan 17, 2023 If you have a skilled engraver, you can add 5,000 to the value of a room with a single masterwork engraved Aluminum or Platinum floor. Workshop … devamini oku

16. How to Increase Room Value (with bonus exploit) – Dwarf Fortress …

Jan 9, 2023 Big thanks to TBTerra on reddit for investigating these numbers, link below! Click For More Info Reddit Link: … devamini oku

17. How to build a Guild Hall in Dwarf Fortress | The Nerd Stash


Dec 27, 2022 After that, you must increase the zone's value by adding furniture and decorations to the site. Counting objects made with building … devamini oku

18. Dwarf fortress wiki temple


Dwarf Fortress > General Discussions > Topic Details Temples when making a temple, … Once filled, it can increase a room's value significantly. devamini oku

19. How to Set up a Guildhall in Dwarf Fortress – Gamer Journalist


Dec 19, 2022 In Dwarf Fortress, as your population grows, so will the skill pool. … broker to see the value of items and to see the value of the room. devamini oku

20. How to build a Guild Hall in Dwarf Fortress, and what they do …

https://www.gamepur.com/…/how-to-build-a-guild-hall-in-dwarf-fortress-and -what-they-do

Dec 20, 2022 If you're unsure of how much Value a room possesses, … Hall and decide to stay in your fortress, thereby increasing your dwarf count. devamini oku