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1. DF2014:Trap – Dwarf Fortress Wiki

Dec 20, 2022 The trap will then be reset by hauling an empty cage to the trap's location. This is done automatically, as in, during a siege, by any dwarf … devamini oku

2. Quick question regarding cage traps. : r/dwarffortress

Quick question regarding cage traps.
by u/qwopodile in dwarffortress

After building a few traps, I am constantly getting a message that [dwarf] can't load trap, needs empty cage. I don't think the cage has trapped… devamini oku

3. DF2014:Cage trap – Dwarf Fortress Wiki

Mar 24, 2019 This notice may be cached—the current version can be found here. DF2014:Cage trap. From Dwarf Fortress Wiki. Redirect page. devamini oku

4. Are cage traps overpowered? : r/dwarffortress

Are cage traps overpowered?
by u/DrDalenQuaice in dwarffortress

Cage traps are easily replaced by drowning traps in the second or third year. Those are even more effective, and can be employed in any size desired with only a … devamini oku

5. 6. It’s a trap! — PeridexisErrant’s DF Walkthrough

Cage Trap: What we're going to be working with in a moment! … This wouldn't be a dwarf fortress if we didn't fill the place with the clang of forge … devamini oku

6. How do you make cage traps work? :: Dwarf Fortress General …

Dec 18, 2022 Do you have empty cages in your stockpile? They need to load the trap with a cage which will capture a creature that walks into it. devamini oku

7. 0007811: Dwarves caught in their own cage traps – Dwarf Fortress …

0007811, Dwarf Fortress, Dwarf Mode — Buildings, Cages and Chains, public, 2014-08-03 03:39, 2014-11-01 03:07 … Unconscious dwarves trigger cage traps. devamini oku

8. Cant load cage traps? :: Dwarf Fortress General Discussions

Dec 9, 2022 So I load up my entrance hallway with cage traps. This sets up the locations, but requires a dwarf with the mechanic job to haul an empty … devamini oku

9. 0004633: Giant in cage trap – Dwarf Fortress Bug Tracker

Yeah I know this is not a bug, that's why I marked it as a tweak. In my opinion a giant should be immune to cage traps. I know cages can capture large … devamini oku

10. Webbed Cage Traps

March 1, 2023: The March '23 Report is up. News: February 7, 2023: Dwarf Fortress 50.06 has been released. News: February 4, 2021: Dwarf … devamini oku

11. 0004580: Certain cages can’t be used to reload cage traps – Dwarf …

Apr 26, 2011 0004580, Dwarf Fortress, Dwarf Mode — Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension, public … Description, Cancellation spam on refilling cage trap, … devamini oku

12. dwarf fortress – Can I capture merchants? – Arqade…/can-i-capture-merchants

Jun 3, 2015 The traps article in the wiki mentions that you can capture nearly anything in a cage trap if the cage trap square also has Giant Cave … devamini oku

13. Dwarf Fortress – Quick Tutorials – How to use Traps – YouTube

Jan 8, 2023 Watch Live: have a Like the videos and … devamini oku

14. How to Make a Cage Trap In Dwarf Fortress – Gamer Journalist

Feb 8, 2023 What's Needed To Make a Cage … First off you will need to have a dwarf mechanic and a dwarf metalsmith. To unlock the ability to smelt via the … devamini oku

15. How do traps work in Dwarf Fortress – Try Hard Guides

Dec 16, 2022 Once captured, they'll be stored in an animal stockpile, leaving the trap to have to be reset with a new empty cage. One of the better things … devamini oku

16. My trap corridor from my last Dwarf Fortress game · GitHub

C = Cage trap. W = Weapon trap. S = Stone fall trap. B = Normal retracting bridge. <- Entrance. |DDD| <- draw bridge that acts like a portcullis. devamini oku

17. [d0rf f0rtress] How do you capture (non-vermin) land animals ……

Patience is the only way to catch them, though, but trap saturation can help with that. At my last fortress, I had cages placed in a more or … devamini oku

18. 23a:Trap – Dwarf Fortress Wiki

Jun 29, 2021 Stone-fall, weapon and cage traps will be triggered by (most) any hostile entity entering their tile, with the exception of kobolds, … devamini oku

19. 0001590: Fish in aquariums always drown. – Dwarf Fortress Bug …

Apr 27, 2010 This is also why fish caught in underwater cage traps will survive as long as they stay in their cages – they were underwater before being … devamini oku

20. The Complete and Utter Newby Tutorial for Dwarf Fortress – Part 8 ……/the-complete-and-utter-newby-tutorial-for- dwarf-fortress-part-8-“its-a-trap/

Feb 23, 2009 And while you're at it, build a lot more cages and mechanisms and put at least half-a-dozen cage traps around your entrance. Come back once you' … devamini oku